BugHunter - MalWare Removal Tool - v2.2e
BugHunter is Copyright 2005-2008 © by Dustin Cook.
 All rights are reserved by author.
Dedicated to: Red Rusty "Bug" 1997-2006 -- RIP

BugHunter is a DOS based malware scanner which has a frequently updated database of signatures as well as engine updates. The program is designed to quickly scan for and optionally disable/remove any malware found. BugHunter is able to detect Browser Hijackers (BHO's), Rogue programs, Adware, Keyloggers, Spyware (including some commercial ones), Rootkits which are file based, malicious java/html/vb scripts, and various worms.
Please see the documentation BUGHUNT.TXT file for more details.

Click here to download BugHunter v2.2e updated August 26th, 2008

No support of any kind is offered and no updates will be forthcoming. The source code is not available. Emails requesting the source code will be ignored. The mailing list has been deleted and no email addresses have been preserved for client privacy reasons. I thank all those who assisted me during testing/development and documentation rewrites. I also thank those who provided samples for analysis and possible inclusion into the BugHunter database. I enjoyed writing the software over the years and I sincerely hope it's been of use to you.

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